Natural Methods

Methods of natural family planning can be applied by many women and couples:

  • Women who can not use other methods
  • Women with regular menstrual cycle
  • Couples that do not use other methods for religious or philosophical taboos
  • Couples that may avoid sexual intercourse for a week, during  "non safe days"
  • Modern contraceptive methods unavailable
  • Women / couples, able and willing to observe, record and interpret the signs of the fertile phase

Natural methods has several advantages:

  • No side effects
  • Free
  • Increased participation of men
  • Improved knowledge of the female reproductive system
  • Some couples get more pleasure from sexual contact after the abstinence in the "dangerous period".

Natural methods have the following disadvantages:

A high percentage of pregnancies (50% of failures), what happens in particular from the lack of precision of the observations

Determination of the fertile phase may be difficult for women / couples Methods of natural family planning impose certain obligations on both partners Woman forced daily to keep records on the state of fertility

Requires up to three months of coaching and counseling

The need for abstinence or interrupt the act during the fertile phase

In the presence of vaginal infections are difficult to detect cervical mucus

No protection from sexually transmitted diseases through

Sometimes there is tension due to the uncertainty about the effectiveness of the methods

Natural methods include a number of ways of determining the time in the physiological menstrual cycle of women, during which the probability of pregnancy is minimal. 
There are several ways to calculate the "safe days":

Rhythm method (calendar)

Method for determination of basal temperature

Method of monitoring cervical mucus

Simptomotermalny method (most accurate)

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