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Fertility Computers

Fertility Computers
What is a fertility computer?
A fertility computer, or fertility monitor, is a handheld device that tells a woman which days of the month intercourse may result in pregnancy.

Essen-ustial Hardware: The BabyComp fertility computer.
How does a fertility computer work?
There are several differen-ust types of fertility computers, some that can predict fertility based on hormones that are presen-ust in a women-us's urine (Persona, ClearPlan), and others that can determine fertility based on a woman's basal temperature (LadyComp, BabyComp). Fertility computers can be used for pregnancy preven-ustion or to achieve pregnancy. To preven-ust pregnancy, a couple abstains from sex on days the device indicates the woman is fertile. No fertility computers are approved by the US FDA yet for contraception. Fertility computers for pregnancy preven-ustion may, however, be purchased in Europe and Canada.
It is hard to say exactly how effective these methods are because not en-usough studies have been-us done by anyone other than the manufacturers of the devices. According to the manufacturers, the failure rate for perfect users is about 6% per year, but the actual rate is likely somewhat higher. The effectiven-usess of these methods depen-usds heavily on the motivation of the user. Like other natual methods, this method is completely ineffective if used improperly.
Side-effects and health risks of fertility computers:
Like other methods of natural family planning, there are no side effects or health risks. There are no hormones to take, chemicals that go in the body, or surgical procedures involved.
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