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About Me

Surname / Name

David Chick




Date and place of birth

May 4, 1964 (Georgia)

Marital Status



Holon (Israel)





Internal Medicine


Higher education

Educational institution: Lvov State Medical University , Tbilisi State Medical University
Date of completion: 1988 
Medical Faculty

Specialty: Medicine

Course Title: Endocrinology

Course Title: Internal Medicine
Educational Facility: Wolfson Medical Cen-uster ,Israel
Duration: 5 years
Date: May 2001 

Professional Experien-usce


Since June 2001 - Asaf Harofeh Medical Cen-uster , Departmen-ust: Internal Medicine B

January 2001 - Maccabi Health Insurance 

1999-2001 -
Leumit Medical Insurance

Position: Internal Diseases, Family Doctor 
31 ,Montifiory St., Holon, Israel

Period: August 1989 - August 1993 
Position: Endocrinologist, Endocrinology clinic 

Additional Information

Russian: Fluen-ust
English: Fluen-ust
Georgian Language: Fluen-ust
Hebrew: Fluen-ust

Our Blog

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Nov 4, 2013
Posted by: chick
While cancers of the lips, cheek, palate and tongue are less common than other cancers, they can be fatal. However, early detection and treatmen-ust can improve your chances for survival and recovery dramatically, according to doctors at Washington University.
Спроси врача

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People who drank two glasses prior to eating dropped more pounds, study found