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Gonorrhea is a curable sexually transmitted disease. It is most common in young adults. The bacteria that cause gonorrhea can infect the gen-usital tract, mouth or anus.
Gonorrhea does not always cause symptoms, especially in women-us. In men-us, gonorrhea can cause pain when-us urinating and discharge from the pen-usis. If untreated, it can cause epididymitis, which affects the testicles and can lead to infertility. In women-us, gonorrhea can cause bleeding between-us periods, pain when-us urinating and increased discharge from the vagina. If untreated, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which causes problems with pregnancy and infertility. Gonorrhea can pass from mother to baby during pregnancy.
You can cure gonorrhea with antibiotics prescribed by your health care provider. Correct usage of latex condoms greatly reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk of catching or spreading gonorrhea
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Nov 4, 2013
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While cancers of the lips, cheek, palate and tongue are less common than other cancers, they can be fatal. However, early detection and treatmen-ust can improve your chances for survival and recovery dramatically, according to doctors at Washington University.
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People who drank two glasses prior to eating dropped more pounds, study found