How to use an metered dose inhaler

How to use an metered dose inhaler
  1. Sit up straight or stand up and lift the chin to open the airways.
  2. Remove the cap from the mouthpiece and shake the inhaler vigorously.
  3. If you haven't used the inhaler for a week or more, or it is the first time you have used the inhaler, spray it into the air first to check that it works.
  4. Take a few deep breaths and then breathe out gently. Immediately place the mouthpiece in your mouth and put your teeth around it (not in front of it and do not bite it), and seal your lips around the mouthpiece, holding it between your lips.
  5. Start to breathe in slowly and deeply through the mouthpiece. As you breathe in, simultaneously press down on the inhaler canister to release the medicine. One press releases one puff of medicine.
  6. Continue to breathe in deeply to ensure the medicine gets into your lungs.
  7. Hold your breath for 10 seconds or as long as you comfortably can, before breathing out slowly.
  8. If you need to take another puff, wait for 30 seconds, shake your inhaler again then repeat steps 4 to 7.
  9. Replace the cap on the mouthpiece.
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Nov 4, 2013
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